The idea is that we learn to trust our own inner teacher and not rely on others. However, this is a process. Even though we may feel like we are not in touch with our intuition or inner teacher, it is constantly guiding us. It may therefore also guide us to certain books and teachings. 

For me, there are books that have been invaluable for my awakening journey. That’s why I’d like to share with you this list of books. There is no order in this list. You can have a look and see which one you may feel guided to read. 

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During my travels in 2016, this book got recommended to me three times in just a couple of weeks time. Being present has now become part of my main focus in life. 

This book and Eckhart’s teachings are truly life-changing. However, at the beginning I felt it was quite difficult to understand. Some people told Eckhart that his book stays on their shelf for years and all of a sudden they understand it. Our awareness grows. So don’t worry if it seems difficult and abstract at first. Now I fully understand everything he says. His book “Practicing the Power of Now” is much more easy and clear to begin with. 

His other books are also worth reading. 

Peace Pilgrim was such an inspiring person. From 1953 until 1981 she walked more than 25,000 miles on a personal pilgrimage of peace. She carried only a few material possessions with her and spread the word of peace wherever she went. 

What inspires me so much was her trust in Life (~ God). It was unshakeable. She just knew she was looked after and that she didn’t need to worry about where to sleep or what to eat. It’s a truly inspiring read! 

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Have you ever been challenged so much that everything you ever believed and were told was about to scatter? And knowing that it could actually be a beginning rather than an end? Knowing that you are at the verge of breaking free and flying off into true freedom? That’s what happened when I started studying A Course in Miracles (ACIM). It was a real remembering for me. 

ACIM is a non-dualistic teaching that can be summed up in the following: 

Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.

I know this teaching is not for everyone, but I really love it and it really helps me to feel more peaceful.