Meet Lore

Hello, my name is Lore.

I love traveling, writing, reading, meditating and finding inner peace. Whenever I am not doing a traditional job (working as a psychologist in Belgium), you can find me abroad. I love exploring new places and connecting with mySelf more deeply each time. 

My true and only desire is freedom. Free from fears and doubts, free to go wherever I want and do whatever I want to do. To be free, I need to learn to trust my Inner Teacher and live from a state of surrender and love.

Meet Life

Life is the loving intelligence that is all around and in the observer too. It’s the Consciousness that governs everything that’s inside of us and which surrounds us. Consciousness or Life is everywhere and in everything. It’s what makes the plants grow, the rain fall, our hearts beat, etc. It infuses all living things. Some people refer to Consciousness as God. However, by using the word God, we often think of someone in the sky looking down on us and deciding our fate. That is not what God or Life is. In growing closer to Consciousness we come to know that everything is perfect in every single moment bitcoin mixer. Life already knows all of our needs and will provide everything for us: we simply need to be able to see that this is the case. Ultimately we’ll realize that we are Life itself.